• Music in its Most Beautiful Form
  • From the outset it was clear that we will go new ways with StoneAudioArt. Design and exceptional living room-friendly materials were always our primary sorrow. Rounded, flowing shapes with high recognition value are characteristic for StoneAudioArt products. They are also distinctive by the materials we use.
  • All housings are made of a specialized slate, and visual accents are set in by aluminum. All the devices form a continuous line design and can be integrated in harmony into the housing. After all, the products should give pleasure to their owners when listening, viewing and touching.
  • Our love for music and stone is reflected in every detail, because only the best is good enough. Every detail is given the utmost attention in the design and subsequent manufacturing. (For example, each housing part is milled from the solid material)
  • To succeed at playing music to the original as closely as possible we have been running a similar sized effort by using only components of renowned manufacturers. Our inventions and further technical developments also serve this purpose.
  • All this represents the soul of our company which you can hear, see and even feel - each device is a unique work of art - just StoneAudioArt
  • "Handmade in Germany" and an excellent price-performance ratio are for us a matter of course.

  • We hope you enjoy using our products