Like our speaker AcouStone the StoneAmp is unmistakably a product of Stone Audio Art.
It is characterized by its round slate housing, which accounts for the involvement of aluminum to be a timeless and unmistakable design. As with all our models the StoneAmp meets our commitment to absolute sound fidelity, best quality workmanship and friendly living-room design. The outstanding resonance damping properties of the slate housing provides the necessary calm and permeability in sound reproduction.


The StoneAmp is a Class A / B Mono power amplifier, which has due to its innovative technology, unique sound characteristics. Its circuit design using the latest SMD technology enables shortest possible signal paths. Be added by the best components, mounted on 150 micron gold plated copper circuit boards - the best conditions for reliable, lossless and undistorted music reproduction. The output stage is equipped with only one pair of selected high-power MOSFETs, to keep the nonlinear distortions as low as possible. It has not been saved in the quality of parts: Mundorf capacitors with 60.000F, a large-sized toroidal transformer with actual 350 VA, high-quality connectors, internal Stone Audio Art-wiring, to name just a few details.

The Effect

High quality music material provided, the StoneAmp reproduces as realistic as one imagines to stand in front of the musicians themselves. Voices sound very natural and alive; instruments will appear true to detail. The high damping factor and the dynamic reserves provide for a tight and precise bass reproduction. The power amplifier is "fast" and resolves brilliantly. It plays totally relaxed and without any harshness. Due to the large reserve capacity and a high damping factor even difficult speakers will be under control. The amplifier is stable up to 3 ohms.

Connection Possibilities

Operation is extremely simple. By the Mundorf terminals the connection of every full-range speaker is possible. Via the 4-pole Speakon terminal with silver plated contacts bi-wiring or even tri-wiring (including the Mundorf terminals) of subsequent speakers is a possible mode. Enjoy a very special kind of pleasure: seeing, hearing, feeling - just kind of StoneAudioArt

Technical Data

Power capacity 140 watts RMS into 8 Ohm, 200 watts RMS into 4 Ohm
Frequency range 3,5 Hz 600 Hz (-3 dB)
Damping factor > 1.000
THD+N @ 10 kHz 0.009%
Signal to noise > -105dB
input impedance 33k
Rise time 80v / microsecond.
Inputs - 1 cinch WBT, gold-plated
Outputs 1 WBT Terminal, 1 Neutric 4-nc, silver-plated.

Mains connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: stand-by < 1 W, max. 400 W

Measurements: W x H x D: 34 x 12 x 30 cm, weight 17 kg

AcouStone Fräse Plant 4 Plant 4 Plant 4
Plant 4 AcouStone Fräse Plant 4 Plant 4